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Just Leaving

At the crack of dawn the pair of us pretended we were happy to be leaving on the journey north to begin our North Coast 500 adventure.

In reality we were wondering if we had brought everything that would be needed for our ten-ish days away in Scotland. But it finally got to the “sod it, we have my wallet and mobile so lets go!” point.

Boy, is it a long drive up to Inverness from our home on the Notts/Derbyshire borders though. As we were potaling along one of the endless motorways, not too long after the excited hours of chatter Wifey and I had in the truck had ended, I had the realisation that we would actually cover twice the mileage getting to and from the start and finish of this little Northern Scottish jaunt. That would be over a thousand miles of mainly motorway roads to actually properly begin our “driving holiday”, the irony certainly wasn’t lost on me.

The scenery on route was spectacular as usual though as you made your way out from the build up of condensed civilization leaving cities and towns in the rear view mirror, and the roads were thankfully quiet giving us a clear view of all that surrounded us ahead.

Some of the endless motorway on the way up
The stunning Cumbrian Scenery

The first stop off of the trip was into Dundee to see my daughter and her boyfriend who have chosen to make this little city the base of their lives together. Thanks to the resurgence of COVID-19 we had to book into a roadside inn to rest our weary bones but strangely the new restrictions allowed me to have a haircut by my daughters boyfriend (he is rather a bloody good barber) and eat a meal with them in a public place, but not be able to sleep in their spare bedroom. We really do live in odd times don’t we. In all fairness though if this resurgence had not have happened Wifey and I would have booked a holiday in sunnier climes (God I miss the sun) rather than exploring our own shores in greater depth so we would of been missing out on what is on our own island (I still really miss the sun though).

Next stop then will be us setting up and off to Inverness for a good look around followed by a short drimble up to Dornoch for our next overnight stay in what equates to sleeping in a shed. I am a bit dubious that there will actually be power in it let alone wifi so I may be gone a while…

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