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How are you all holding up then? I have to admit I am still all good, I mean everyday is a Saturday on some strange Groundhog day loop but life is well enough considering the chaos our new existence is. I am thankful for the roof over my head, there’s food in the cupboard’s (I will never whine about Wifey’s hoarding ever again) and we all remain happy-ish and healthy.

I’m tired, in a good way, from taking on the landscaping in the garden. Sheds have been taken down and re-erected in a different area and the junk I have earmarked for the tip!, well lets just say where there were two sheds, there is now only one. I coyly suggested to my better half that maybe we could have a nice log cabin in the garden, you know “Man Cave” style and much to my amazement she agreed. I am not entirely sure what she will be wanting in return but I am living in the moment measuring up the best size and slowly building up a base to pop it on on odds and sods I have kicking around and that have been scrounged from friends, to keep the cost down. We have decided on a 16 feet wide by 12 feet deep unit that we can run power to and have a nice deck porch around the outside as well as under the roof overhang.

I probably should of taken pictures of the base as I went along but I never had the forethought to do so. Still, I will take a couple tomorrow to show some sort of progress on it for my own satisfaction.

What lock-down stories do you all have? Come on, share away and give us a giggle. My existence is quite dull at the moment, work on the garden, do some studying, write the odd essay, cook dinner, be a general house husband as Wifey & Daughter who still lives at home both work for the NHS so I cant really expect them to do it can I!

Who knew I would figure out how to not only turn the washing machine on, but to actually make it clean clothes! I haven’t managed to shrink any clothes in the tumble dryer apart from my t-shirts and jumpers. They seem to be inexplicably shrinking and why that is, I just cannot fathom.

So come on folks, tell us a story….

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