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It has been a while since I last had a chance to do any sort of project really let alone sit down and write about it. But between the commitments of a busy job and everyday life I have been scheming away on what form the next project should take. Should it be a motorbike this time or a modern classic car (basically the cars we drove when we were young…could be nostalgic…hold onto that thought)? Now a truck or bus would be great fun and I could probably just about fit something like that on the driveway if I made Wifey and live at home daughter park on the street. I did actually approach she who must be obeyed with this idea and she did not say any words at all of discouragement on it. The look on her face though made me back away slowly out of the room making as little noise as possible so as not to set the bomb I had inadvertently lit, off.

So what to do? I needed something that I could walk away from due to staying away a fair bit at times with work and I really fancied something this time around I would not have to sink a small mortgage into on a monthly basis. By now many months had passed and I found myself pining after another Land Rover. Yes it would swallow all of my money and undoubtedly it would sit on the driveway not being used properly until I sold it again but there is always that call of them. Once they are in your blood they stay there like a drug addiction just quietly calling. No, no I had to be strong here and resist the temptation but what if I could scratch that itch, feed the Landy habit whilst keeping the majority of my spare cash to myself? That’s when the Toylander idea popped into my head.

So I did some research and had a nose around on the internet at the things other far more clever people than me had built in the past. I was hooked. I had to tell someone else about this cracking idea and fancied a bit more then Wifey’s barely perceptible pretend enthusiasm so I went to see a good friend who had had exactly the same idea! He said “I”m going to build one for my baby that’s due” grinning ear to ear. “Who are you building it for?” he asked. I replied “Oh one of the grandchildren can have it”. “Are one of your girls pregnant then Nick?” he asked to which I just laughed and said it would take me that long to build it one of them probably would end up being!

It is an unusual position to be in where you have a friend doing a similar project but it’s a good one. We are already comparing notes on required parts and will both be using old mobility scooters as donors for many of those parts. He is already ahead though seeing as he managed to find somewhere open to deliver the waterproof board and all of my local merchants are now closed for business until the covid thing slows down a touch. It’s not a problem though as I have made a list of what I will require and still need to source for this build:

Everything but the Toylander plan book and donor mobilty scooter. See, simple.

Why stop just at the Toylander though? No Landy worth its salt would be complete without its trailer in tow so lets just throw that in for good measure.

What have I let myself in for here? I have never used a router, my woodwork skills amount to putting a prefabricated shed together and my knowledge of auto electrics is rather, lets say, wanting. But what the hell, lets have a punt at it, what’s the worse that could happen? We all get a few laughs at my expense?

If you have any advice or experience in doing one of these please don’t be shy in sharing!

Speak to you all soon!


The Build Books have arrived!

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