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OK we have reached the end of the first week proper and taking into account the weekends themselves have hit the end of day 10. I haven’t been smashing out post after post on a daily basis because I figure if you have nothing to say what is the point of that? There have been enough posts, vlogs and live music across the internet to keep everyone up to date on what folks have had for dinner, how fed up they are and general moaning about boredom. I don’t understand the bored bit though, honestly I don’t. For me there is always something to do, it might well be outdoors or indoors busying with hobbies, reading and TV. My god Netflix alone could keep you entertained for a year or so if that was your thing without adding Prime, Sky and Virgin into the mix.

Best point out here that I don’t have all of those, for me TV is an evening thing and Freeview, Prime and Netflix seem to keep my tribe happily distracted which means I get to potter on in peace with anything I want to do!

Life has fundamentally changed though hasn’t it. This enforced time out that half of the human population of the planet are undergoing seems to be resetting who we are and our life’s priorities. Let me give you an example, I am the eldest of six children most of who now have married and had children of their own. Getting us all together in one place on a particular day at a particular time has always needed to be planned with a military strategy precision. The organisation of that number of people was a logistical nightmare due to other commitments and day to day life generally getting in the way. Now though? Not a problem. We have all downloaded Zoom and have a quiz on a Sunday evening. We have probably spent more time in each others company over the last three weekends than we have in the last three months.

We even attended a friends Birthday party on Friday evening online. He lives on the other side of the planet but did that stop a bunch of us catching up and generally getting wasted? Nope. Nearly five hours we were all there catching up and swapping stories, some of us had not seen each other for well over a year! The hangover though reminded me that I am no longer in my twenties. I swear I would get over minor surgery quicker than a hangover these days.

People seem more interactive and not just online. Coming out of your home on Thursday at 8pm to applaud the NHS, neighbours all joining in on a communal effort and afterwards actually talking to each other. I am lucky that my neighbours are friendly all of the time but I expect that there are more neighbours than not that are actually speaking to each other for the first time. Offers of help to those that can’t do everything themselves at this time are rife. Shopping is being dropped off, those with more than they need putting tables up outside of their homes leaving produce on them with signs saying “Help Yourself If You Need It”. People are reconnecting back in the real world, not just the virtual one.

And all of this is happening at a time when we fear for our health. We watch the daily death toll figures that are high enough to just represent a number that seems unrealistic but silently being thankful that we were not part of that total. We are losing jobs, businesses and for many out there they have no idea of what the future will hold. Even those of us lucky enough to be on furlough, we have no idea what the land will look like at the end of this or even if our work roles will still be there. Even with this happening there seems to be offers of solutions from those that are in a better position in life. Offers of tenancy to those that may lose their homes, offers of work from other industries for those that have lost theirs even offers of just being there to listen from those that have nothing else to give. And what was the time frame in which our societies outlook has changed so dramatically? Nothing but a few weeks. To me that just proves that in a digital media world that we have traditionally mostly only seen the worst of society reported, there have always been more positive acts of kindness happening. All it took was pandemic that threatened to overload our infrastructure which would of lead to the destruction of our society and an enforced lock down to actually bring this to the surface for all to see.

The media though, have they learnt from all of this? Have they changed their ways? Not particularly. There have been a few good stories of a positive nature but it seems that they are now heading back down the more traditional route of the blame game looking for those that they can pick on or destroy for a few minutes of sensationalist headlines. Seriously, lets not head back down this route. We cannot personally make the media change their ways but we can each individually continue in our new found freedom of communication in the real world. Lets stay away and not fall back into the blame games or online moaning that was so prevalent before the whole COVID-19 issue. Lets keep talking to our neighbours, make the time to catch up with friends and family, lets continue to appreciate the little things.

You know, when I started writing this this morning I had some daft stories to tell about what I have been up to over furlough so far but somehow I ended up on a bit of an observational soap box and I considered deleting the lot and starting again. But then I thought “Ah sod it” because I mean every word I have written. I don’t live with rose tinted glasses on about the world we live in but I do truly truly believe that the small acts of kindness that we do for each other whether to friends or to strangers, the odd smile a door held open or a few minutes just to listen, these make an impact and ripple in life that spreads outwards. This cannot be a bad thing can it.

Thought for the Day:

Take a few minutes to stand outside at some point today. Take note that the world seems to be so still. Notice what noise is actually missing now, the traffic planes motorbikes and people. Breathe in the air and take note of what the place you live in really smells like without all of the pollution, hopefully it smells better not worse! Most of all notice the nature, the birds seem so loud as do the Bees, somehow the plant colours are just a little more vibrant. Close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face, listen to the wind in the trees. We are living through a time all day long that is normally only found in the very late hours of the night or early hours of the morning.


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