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Is it me or do we seem to be living through the start of an end of the world book? You know the sort “It started as a bug and we thought we had beaten it. Life slowly started to return to normal but we were wrong, so wrong”

I have been pretty lucky so far with it all, I have managed to be able to work right up until the close of play on Friday last week meaning I am a fair old whack time wise behind a lot of you other folks out there on the whole lock down thing.

Add to that both my good lady wife and youngest daughter, the last of the offspring to be living with us, both work for the NHS so are out everyday working, leaves me with no-one in the house most of the time to fall out with! Well the dogs are still here, can you fall out with a dog? I mean I know that they can get on your pip by doing those doggy things like licking their bits constantly, shedding hair everywhere and farting. My god the farting…

The worse thing so far for me has been the fact that I am now designated the housewife of our home. This means I get to do all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, home repairs and they have even started a list for me so that I don’t accidentally “forget” to do something. There’s no need for that really seeing as I cant sit still for five minutes anyway, I expect that there will be an extension built on the side of the house made from materials sourced out of the neighbors recycling bins by the end of all of this!

So here I sit at the start of at least four weeks off of work, it’s quite a bizarre feeling, a bit like the rest of whats happening around the whole wide world at the moment…just bizarre. I know I am luckier than a great deal of other people out there. I have a job to go back to (hopefully) and if the worst happened there I have enough experience and qualifications to hop into something else for a while if I needed to. I have a nice house, food in the cupboards, wifey is still working and so far all of my extended family are all well. My only issue in life at the moment is how to fill my time in for a while. Not a bad place to be in at all.

I am going to do my best to pick up my writing again because I like the majority of you am actually following the rules we have been asked to so as to stop the spread of this awful illness and have that time to fill. It saddened me yesterday to hear motorbike after motorbike ragging around in the sunshine. Mine is sat in the garage calling my name but other than a trip up and down the driveway it will have to stay in there for now. You would be hard pushed to spread the virus whilst riding your bike but that’s not so much the point is it. It’s the added stress put onto the emergency services if we take a tumble. Then you end up in a hospital full of the damned virus to try to get fixed, and the NHS will still try to fix you, but the odds wouldn’t be in your favor to avoid catching a fair whack of COVID. Then you either get to spread it around at home or get a nasty sentence for yourself bug wise.

Right that’s my rant over and I would say sorry about it but I am not.

Thought for the day: #dontbeaprick

Speak to you all soon.

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