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So, I have been away
from writing for quite some time. The bit of my brain where the
creative juices flow from has sort of been bypassed then turned off
of late. I wasn’t too worried about it because what’s the point in
worrying about something that you cannot control?

There are a few writing
projects that are sat unfinished in the background and to be honest I
don’t know if they ever will be. My passion for them has dwindled but
I wont try to force a finish or quick completion on any of it but
instead will move forwards just putting the proverbial pen to paper
as and when I feel like it.

As I sit here
clattering away at the keyboard I am beginning to realise though that
the tension release and relaxation that comes from such a simple task
has indeed been sorely missed so I will make an effort to stay away
from the dead head TV that has taken up my evenings over the past few
months and at least sit in front of the keyboard for a while every
now and then to see if anything is ready to fall out.

Life is a strange old
game and mine has changed a great deal over the past year or so.
Somehow, and I am still not quite sure how, I have ended up with two
very strange and a little bit broken dogs. One is a mad cockerpoo
(supposedly) puppy that’s fast coming up on a year old and the other
is a 4 maybe 5ish year old Pug that is so ugly he is beautiful.
Seriously he has a face for radio that only a mother could love.
These pair of mad sods are individually a little lets say quirky. The
cockerpoo is terrified of anything else that moves which makes for
most interesting walks and the pug is a rescue that spent his life up
until hitting the jackpot coming here where he lives in a lap of
luxury that leaves me envious at times living outside. Because of
this upon arrival he was used to just using whatever particular area
that took his fancy as a toilet.

Anything was fair game.
That nice new colourful rug? I can add more a little bit more colour
to that. Your favorite walking boots…he took actually peeing
inside of those as a personal challenge which was particularly
impressive when you take into account the logistics of the height
issue and last but not least taking a most offensive smelling dump
that could lay waste to entire countries in whatever room my wife
seemed to be residing in at the time.

Add to that the fact
that he decided that any flat surface within the house was fair game
to jump up onto, wipe his nose clean on then shed his entire body
weight in dog hair that instantly become entwined into the very
fabric that the surface is made of left us wondering if we had made
the right choice in bringing him home.

So the pair of them
alone were both a bit broken but since we have paired them up they
are genuinely helping each other out. When we are walking the old
hand pug looks at the daft youngster that’s terrified of everything
and just does whatever the doggy equivalent of tutting is and she
looks at him and calms down. She the young pup shows the uncouth mid
life crisis old fogey where the humans of the house would prefer him
to defecate so it’s turning into a win win all round.

He’s a bit of a git
though. You know how we all had that one friend growing up that
would suggest doing all sorts of really naughty stuff and make you
feel like it was a really good idea but somehow always stood there
doing nothing wrong with a look of disbelief at what you were up to
when a grown up showed up catching you red handed…that’s the pug.
The poor bloody cockerpoo gets roped into all sorts of naughtiness
via the pugs underhanded tactics then gets caught right in the act
just as you walk past while he sits there with a look of total
disbelief at what is transpiring in front of his eyes! The look on
his face is sort of combined with a partial shrug of the shoulders
that implies “I know! I told her not to do it but she just would
not listen to me…kids eh!”

As you can imagine even
though I have been a bit quiet of late I have had my hands full but
life is for living people, walk away from the electronics from time
to time and do something you have had on your list for an age. Stay
up late once in a while because it is ok to be tired every now and
then because who the hell wants to look back in their last moments
and think “I wish I had done that”

But for the love of God
do not get two broken dogs under the same roof in quick succession
because you will never ever be able to put a pair of shoes on again
without sniffing them first “just to make sure” while one of them
sits across the room watching you do it with a smug look on his

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