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Yea I know I haven’t been around much lately and I will not apologise for that because I have been out and about enjoying the weather generally living life.
This does not mean I have not been making plans and pottering just a little in the background. The camper keeps getting an extra modification here and there just to tweak it to maximum comfort for the three times a year we seem to be using it.
My back garden (and house for that matter) is now covered in fantastically coloured plants so it look likes someone who cares about what it looks like actually lives here and not just an branch. The mini though has taken a bit of a back step.

It’s covered up most of the time so you just tend to wander past it without a second glance. On Friday though I had a few hours to kill so I decided it was time to take off the tarp and whip out the front lights.
Well it started with the lights then the bumper just had to be removed on the front, with the front off the back had to be removed too because I am a bit of an OCD freak. The bonnet needs some repair so that’s in the garage now along with the drivers door because that needs reskinning.

I have put the tarp back over it for now because cars take up lots more space when they are in bits and room is in short supply at the moment…

Oh and the puppy has now taken to barking, she has found her voice. Anything is game including an empty cornflake box placed on the windowsill ready to be taken out for recycling. Apparently it was going to kill us all by the way she was growling and barking at it, what would we do without her protection from such things I do not know!

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