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Anyone else got a puppy that’s a bit of a twat?

I have to ask because I really don’t want to be the only person out here in the big bad world that suffers this particular affliction. Let’s have a quick recap about the whole dog situation over the last twelve months.
Molly was my last dog. She was a stupid great lump that malted for 11 months of the year but she was part of the furniture and part of the family. She was around for the kids growing up and when she passed away last November she was ten and a half years old. I was devastated. She was my shadow and I didn’t realise how much I talked to her until she was gone and I found myself speaking out loud in all sorts of situations only to myself and the empty space beside me.
January found me falling down the stairs whilst carrying a basket of washing only to break my foot as I hit the hallway floor at the bottom. I should probably make a better story on how that happened like “I was fighting off an armed burglar with only a slipper when I slipped” rather than “I was doing the washing chores when I didn’t look where I was going”.
Anyway a week or so in of teh forced rest that comes with a broken bone it was suggested that now was the time to get a new pup for company and training. I agreed found a Cockerpoo went to collect one and chose a twat.

I should of figured my mistake out when after two weeks the pup decided to jump off of the sofa in a blind panic because I was carrying a plate of food into the landing funny and breaking her back leg. Thank god for the vets free 4 weeks insurance because that break cost the best part of four grand to fix! Can you imagine having to pay for that! I haven’t got forty quid let alone four grand.
Quite frankly she hasn’t got much brighter in the stupid stakes. She is pleasant enough and there is not a mean bone in her body but when outside she will happily have a taste of whatever is on the ground. On Saturday morning this was a sliver of cut off metal.

Seriously, I was cleaning off the cut areas ready for the replacement roof when I could hear this weird metal on something chewing noise that made my very core crawl. I looked down to see my dumb pup happily chewing on a six inch long by 5mm thick bit of rusty metal. She then had the audacity to give me that dirty look that only the female sex of any species can do when I took it off of her and told her no!
That added with the fact that she likes to bugger off next door ninja like to see the old fella there whenever she feels like it certainly keeps me on my toes when trying to work on anything at all.
I forgot what bloody hard work puppies were…

I priced up a new roof panel for JD but it came in a little over £400 which is a little too pricey for my tastes. When I bought the mini it came with a donor shell but the roof on it would require a little work to one corner. After all of three seconds contemplation I decided I could live with that and set to removing it.

It came off easily enough with the grinder and those thin discs I found the day before.

I trimmed the gutter off once removed then set to fitting it to JD. A few adjustments here and there saw it put into place so now the old boy has a much better roof than the colander he had before!

When you have finished something that makes such a big difference on the appearance front you really do feel like you are making quick progress. There is still a long way to go on the welding front on the mini though with lots of small award time consuming patches. It’ll be worth it though and lets face it, I would only be wandering around the house getting myself into trouble anyway if I didn’t have this.

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