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I finished work mid afternoon on Friday and quickly found myself stood in my garage looking at the unruly and unkempt state of the place. This is highly unusual for me because I am a proper OCD freak when it comes to tidiness and things put away in their place. There is nothing worse than needing a tool and then having to spend ten minutes looking for it. To me that is a colossal waste of time that could be spent doing something more productive, I have to just walk in and pick up what I need.
So how the garage has ended up in a such an unusual mess is beyond me, maybe my cheese is starting to slip off of my cracker.

Anyway as I was putting away the tools and disposing of the copious amounts of rubbish that had seemed to appear from nowhere (I may need to speak to Wifey about that as I know I am getting a little forgetful in my mid years but not to the extent of forgetting when I bought myself a new set of hair curlers and then dumped the box in the garage) I came across a fresh still in the packet set of 1mm cutting discs.

“They would be perfect for cutting the rusty mini roof off” I thought to myself whilst taking the cover off of JD just to check they could.

Of course within about 30 seconds I had dug out the grinder, fitted the disc and double checked the cutting points. It is amazing how quickly you can cut off the roof of a car you know!

There were a couple of holes that needed a quick clean up and patch putting in but that didn’t take long.
It was at this point my old git neighbour wandered around to ask “What’s all that bloody noise about”.
Smiling to myself and him I said “What’s it got to do with you old man?”
I best explain here that that’s the way we communicate. With abuse. It’s good natured and I think the silly old bugger is great fun. He just wanted to see how far I had got with the project so far. He has seen a few over the last couple of years and loves to have a poke around when a new one gets going.

“Thought about maybe making it a convertable?” he asked but believe it or not I had the costs involved in that though are crazy high so nope it will just be a standard roof on this one.

By now it was time to get the dinner on but with Wifey and the girls away for the weekend from the Saturday morning I figured sorting a roof out with my first full day off would be the best way to spend the day…

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