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I have only just finished the campervan conversion so my plan was to take a few months off and make JD the mini an Autumn/Winter project. I’m not sure who I thought I was kidding with that thought or statement to my Wife last Sunday afternoon because lets face it, it wasn’t going to wash.
I cannot sit still for long. I pulled up the old carpet in the hall and stained the floor boards for something to do one evening then the following two I watched a bit of TV and then a bit more. Boredom was never more than a fidget away…

Last night around six pm whilst being faced with all of the chores completed, the garden watered and dinner eaten I was faced with little more to do than hit Netflix to see what rubbish I could watch. I actually made it to the sofa but as soon as my backside touched the cushions it was a “Nope, I’m not sitting here again for hours on end” I told the dog and walked straight outside over the newly varnished floor to the carport.

“May as well have a quick peek at the Mini” I thought to myself whilst slowly peeling the cover off of it with the anticipation of a teenage boy getting to second base for the first time. There it sat in it’s full unrestored beauty with the light somehow managing to glint off of it’s rather dirty paintwork as if it was happy to just be in the open once again.

I had a look here and then there at what needed doing forming a plan in my mind of the order that it needed to be done in. I had to start from the top first repair wise so all of the windows had to be removed so the headlining could come out without getting torn.
The rubbers would have to be freed off with a simple slide of a plastic scraper between them and the body work…where did I leave that scraper?

Yep that’s it nice and simple followed by a gentle push of the glass from the inside and “Pop” out comes the window. Best store that safely.

The side windows are a bit tougher if I remember so best be gentle here, yep all good with nothing broken.

Back window must be similar to the front so nice and steady and yep out it comes in one very old unbroken piece! I am four for four here!

Now you have to name your car from the number plate if possible so after about half a seconds thought the mini shall be called JD.
Now how did the headlining come out again? Oh yea peel back the glue and start to pop it out of the holes in the roof trying not to break the plastic inserts because they have to be 43 years old now…old git…how old am I this year? Bugger…45. The plastics inserts will be fine then and not break because they are still fit as a fiddle not gained any weight and still look like they did when they were 26.
Bugger…snapped one at the end, still not to worry the rest of the headlining looks fantastic almost hip and stylish.

The door seals should be easy to remove and that interior really should come out so I can see what else is lurking around under it all rust wise.

Hmm just a couple of extra little holes here and there so all in all not too bad at all.

It was at this point my ever suffering Wife came out of the front door with a fresh cup of tea stopped dead and looked around the now mini part strewn driveway and carport then said “Well the summer passed by really quickly this year” smiled set my tea down then slowly closed the front door on the chaos that had ensued outside.

It was at this point that I actually realised that whether I liked it or not I had started the mini rebuild. I chortled quietly to myself unsurprised at the way I had yet again got carried away with another piece of classic scrap that would become an obsession no doubt over the next few months.

So, here we go again.

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