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Why is it that whenever I want to move a motor around the weather turns bitterly cold or wet? I figure that someone somewhere is trying to put me off even starting the next new project so that I can keep the skin on my knuckles, the curses in my mouth and what little of the non grey hair on my head intact.

Having battled through the icy cold winds and snow showers we managed to get the little Burgundy mini onto my driveway. We did manage to get it running at the collection point and onto the trailer but a strong smell of petrol leading to the discovery of a rather large leak put paid to running it anymore at the other end to get it off again. Luckily my driveway is all downhill so it wasn’t that much of a struggle.

Once it was settled into place and the goodbyes to the friends that had helped get it here were done it was time to have a good cursory look around the little fella. And it is a little fella. I had forgotten how small the mini’s were once you got them outside into the real world! I remember how when I was young and stupid me and my friends would pick them up and move them around causing the owners no end of stress I am sure trying to find them in the morning. I best clarify they were not random mini’s. We knew who the owners were and sometimes would pop back out hiding up the road when they came out of their houses to watch the look of “What the Hell?” on their faces when they saw an empty mini sized slot of the street where their csr should have been.

Back to the inspection though. There are a couple of things I had missed on my first look around it but nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of things. There’s the normal welding but in order to start that the interior needs to be stripped out first but I’m in no rush to begin because the campervan needs a little TLC to get it ready for summer first.
With that in mind I have put the little car to bed under it’s nice and new car cover that will hopefully keep the water out of the holey roof!
I do know myself quite well though and with the promise of lighter evenings starting from next weekend I do not doubt that the cover will soon be off and the interior stripped out before we know it.

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