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Well good morning to you all!
We fast heading towards the end of the first month of me not cutting the hair on my head for a year.
Progress is being made (albeit slowly) on setting up a charity but the good news is that my hair is now long enough to have that much sought after “Just got out of bed look”.

For many many years I have literally just got up, had a wash then headed out of the door without a thought of what my hair was doing. Those days it seems are now a thing of the past for the foreseeable future as I learnt to my detriment on Monday morning.
I just did the usual wash and off to work routine only to be asked as soon as I stepped through the office door “Sleep in?”

Seemed a bit of an odd comment to me that, that still had me slightly confused when I replied “No, am I late?”
The person who asked, who shall remain nameless for now as they have pledged a large sum of money to “make sure you look stupid for a year”, then said “Forgot to brush your hair then?”

“Brush it? I mean brush it? Why would I need to Brush, oh of course.” I replied and went to find a mirror that soon showed me that one side was stuck excitedly upright whilst the other side was flattened and pushed backwards.
Not to worry it was only an eleven hour day to look stupid in so I dunked my head in a sink full of water and sort of pushed it all around to look like a more general scruffy mess.
I doubt this will be the last time it happens but I just have to say again the way it’s starting to move depending on the heat is freaking me out a little… #yetismith

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