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You have probably noticed that there has been very little on the Land Rover front lately.
This is for two reasons.
The first is quite frankly I needed a bit of a break away from the damned thing. It was starting to grate, as most of you know, on my nerves and the constant working every spare minute was leaving me feeling exhausted as well as fed up with the whole process.
The second reason is that I also have a house that I am doing up and after all of the dedication to The 110 the house was feeling a little neglected.

This years plan for the house after last years running start on it was to get the conservatory finished. That is as much as I wanted to put upon myself house work wise and this seems like a good plan.
Firstly I had to build up the inner wall. It has been well over ten years since I last built any sort of wall and this took me two days along with a raging back ache!
Ten years ago it would have been a day job but even at the spring chicken age of forty three I have noticed I am slowing down in certain areas. Heavy block lifting and wall building being one of them.
Patience it seems is a virtue though and the wall is straight and true meaning that I have not lost my knack, only my speed.

That was a couple of weeks ago so this weekend involved deciding on how we wanted the conservatory to look, then going to buy some masonry paint, then some poor smuck had to paint the first coat onto the exposed brick wall…yep that would be me.

The before and after effects are pretty good even if I do say so myself! We will be going with an “Industrial” type look on the painted brick wall with old lights and conduit piping for the electrics.

With this lot going on I had declared to my ever suffering Wife that I would “Not be spending any money on The 110 this month” because we have just been paid.

That lasted about an hour. I ordered the primer and paints needed to make the Landy look good but “That’s it. Nothing else for it this month” were the next words out of my mouth.
In all fairness to me I lasted about seven hours before a set of chequer plate wing tops and bonnet top came up on the internet at a price I could not refuse…

That’s it though I am skint. I am not buying anything else for it this month. I have given my debit card to Wifey and put parental access controls onto the sale pages and websites that suck away my cash.
Just nobody tell me they have a cheap 200tdi alternator for sale and I should be alright…

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