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Yes, yes I know my last post had me throwing a tantrum. You saw me throwing all of my toys out of the pram. I spat my dummy out as far as it could go and I was stamping my feet shouting “It’s my toy and I don’t wanna play anymore”
But the sulk is now over.
I have stood still wondering where in the hell I went wrong in the Land Rover life when a friend gave me a bit of a talking to.
After reading my last post he simply messaged “Ring me”.
I didn’t want to because I kinda knew he was going to have some cunning solution to what was going on engine smoke wise and it turned out that he did. That and I am an “Arfur Job” fool.

The first question was “Have you plumbed it all in correctly?” which with a roll of my eyes I answered “Of course I have, I am not that stupid.”
“But have you plumbed it ALL in?” he asked.
“Bugger” I thought to myself “Here we go I am going to feel stupid in a minute” was the closely following thought.
“Well not all of it. I mean I have not piped up the turbo to the intercooler yet” I replied.
“That will probably make it smoke a bit” he told me in a calm manner “Not a great deal but enough from unburnt fuel etc. It isnt the be all and end all but it would probably help. It’s been stood for years and then your knackered turbo will have dumped oil around in places so give that a go because the engine will really need a good run out as well. Oh and while you are at it stick some fuel cleaner through it and an engine flush probably wouldn’t do any harm either. Nick stop panicking and start plodding through the bits I’ve said.”

So I did. I ordered the bits I needed to make up the bottom intercooler feed and popped the fuel cleaner in. The postman brought me the parts yesterday morning so I set to seeing if my friend was right….again.

He was.

After making it all up and fitting the turbo out I fired up the engine and there still some smoke but nothing like what had been before…it was at this point I started to feel a bit stupid along with daring to feel a little bit hopeful.
I let the engine run through for about for about half an hour systematically revving up and holding them to get the heat all of the way through the solid metal lump. I wanted to get the coolant nice and hot as well.

As it ran and revved getting up to and holding its temperature the smoke more or less disappeared. I could not believe it! After all of that feeling a bit sick with disappointment thinking the whole thing would be better burning here I was looking at a much improved picture. Yes the power steering box was still shot but that is a doddle of a job compared to pulling the engine apart. An expensive job but an easier one non the less.
So thank you my friend, you know who you are, you have yet again advised me well and there a couple of beers with your name on when we next meet up again!

Happy as I am that it is all heading back in the right direction I am changing tack and walking away from the mechanical side for a little while. What I am going to do is put the bugger back together wiring up the lights then prepping the bodywork for painting. I want to get the old boy looking like I want him to. It’s looked like scrap since it turned up all of that time ago so I am heading down the “Make it look nice” route. This will show me what I am working towards and I do have this nice car port that I can put it under and seal off to do the job.

My biggest problem now is I had decided months ago what colours I wanted to paint it but know I am not quite so sure!
Best to start with the primer then. The rest can sort itself out from there…

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