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You can actually get past saturation point you know. I did not think that that would be possible but it turns out that it is!

But before anymore of that let us head back to the beginning. Our last instalment showed that the turbo was knackered so I had to try and figure out how on earth I was going to afford a new one. Well a kind friend gifted me a 300tdi turbo so all I had to do was do a few modifications and Bob’s your Uncle. Sod’s law being what it is a few days later another friend called telling me he had a 200tdi turbo that could be mine for a very reasonable price. Skint as I am this month I could not refuse this as it would safe a great deal of messing around so I bought it.

Yesterday was the day to get the old replaced with the new and all went really well for a while.
The old unit came off nice and easily leaving just the old gasket to remove and the face there to clean up. A nice new exhaust manifold gasket was then popped into place.

My luck held as I installed the replacement turbo then less the ninety minutes after starting the hole shebang was all back together.

Happy Days!! I thought to myself as I was putting the tools away. All I had to do now was start it up, admire the not blue exhaust smoke and enjoy the whistling sound of the new turbo as it spun in.
I connected the battery and turned the key. The engine coughed quickly into life and I reversed it up to the top of the driveway to stop the exhaust fumes building up under the car port gassing anyone unfortunate enough to enter.
It was still a bit smokey but not too bad at the moment. I figured it would be burning off the oil that had got into the exhaust system so not to worry.
As it got warmer the smoke did not subside. If I gave the engine some rev’s it got a great deal worse…and blue.

My heart sank. Everything I seem to do on this motor leads to more issues. It does not seem to make any of it any better. Still not to panic, I let it run up to temperature before driving it back to it’s semi permanent spot under the car port.
After a bit of online chatting with friends and folks on forums I decided to remove the exhaust to make sure that it was not full of oil….it was not.
I then ran the engine again to make sure the turbo I fitted was in good working order with no major oil leaks…it was fine, there was still blue smoke.
The bloody power steering box wasn’t happy though.
It took this opportunity to dump every last drop of fluid it had in the power steering system all over my driveway as I backed the 110 up it…I could have cried.

A bottle of Fairy liquid later saw the driveway usable once more while I popped a drip tray under the steering box to catch the remnants of what was held in the system.

I left the engine a few hours to cool then checked the valve clearances. These are all good and still the engine smokes badly in blue. There is no evidence of the head gasket being the culprit but that of course doesn’t mean that it is not.
A friend is popping over later in the week for a quick nose at it and another has hinted it could be the valve oil seals.

A diagnosis will be gladly welcomed but if I am honest here I am now sick to death of it. Today has cost another wad of cash I do not have and before anything else there is the added cost of a power steering box along with an alternator. I don’t think I mentioned the alternator is shot as well. No output at all there…

Unless it is going to be a cheap fix on the smokey side of things The 110 is getting parked up. Mothballed. I may even be tempted to sell the damned thing but I will give myself a few weeks before making any sort of rash decision there.
All I wanted was a Land Rover to do some Overlanding in, a bit of camping in nice places. I should have gone with my first idea of doing this with a more modern Discovery and I have to admit that this idea is once again becoming more and more tempting.
Lets see what Thursday brings but I expect to park it up for a while in anycase because once you get to this verge of hatred point it is best to just walk away.
My other hobbies are calling and I have a week off so from tomorrow morning I will be focusing on those a little more so as to get out and about.
Not a great ending to this post folks and I am sorry for that but I could not be any more fed up with this without taking a large hammer to it….

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