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Here we are again then folks, we made it into 2017 alive and kicking.
Some friends and family were not so lucky but that drives home the fact that we should live our lives to the max every day doing what we enjoy.
With that said I have done bugger all for the whole of the festive season on The 110 and that I did enjoy! But all good things come to an end eh.

Before work today I decided that I really had to sort out that issue with the bonnet sitting too high and resting on top of the Discovery Radiator and oil cooler housing.

First things first I had to drain the coolant out from the radiator, luckily i had only put in just enough anti freeze to keep the whole thing from freezing so no great expensive loss there. Once all of that had finished dripping its way out I disconnected all of the pipework forgetting that the oil cooler pipes would have oil in them…that was messy.

A few minutes cleaning up an oil spill later and I lifted out the whole rad/cooler set up popping it into the garage then covering it up with a plywood board. Yes I am paranoid about putting a hole into another radiator!! It is an expensive mistake not to be made twice.
Obviously I had already measured the gap between the wing and bonnet so it was just a quick mark up on the existing bottom brackets before cutting through them then cleaning them back to bare metal ready for welding up.

A few minor adjustments with a lump hammer saw the newly trimmed brackets dropped into place with all of the body panels then offered up and hurrah! the bonnet now closes like it is supposed to.
I dug the welder out which didn’t want to play with the feed coughing and spluttering away giving me just enough cooperation to get the brackets welded permanently into place.

I have left all of the radiator bits off for now as I want to position the header tank properly and get those oil pipes made up and fitted into place, this will make access just a little easier.
When I stand back though I cannot help but think The 110 is starting to look like it wants taking apart again…

***A quick follow up note. At the beginning of this post I mentioned doing what you like every day and a memory came to me yesterday as I ran through the torrential rain with my coat held on only by being hooked over my head that when we were kids we did just that, hooked our coats onto our heads whilst pretending to be superheros.
I was always Batman of course and I have to admit running through the rain yesterday made me feel like I was seven again.
And it turned me into Batman…I am the Batman.

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