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After yesterdays success I would quite like a repeat performance of hearing the engine running once more but without the rather excessive black smoke that was like smoking a couple of thousand cigarettes at once.
The first order of business was to get the exhaust fitted. The rear and mid sections were no problem at all of course but the front had to be cut shut and welded up once more to make it fit onto the 200tdi Disco engine.

That done I started to drain the old thick black oil out of the engine. Whilst that was happily dripping out the oil filter grabbed my attention. This had to come off and I had my trusty oil filter grips to use. It did not want to budge.
I managed to crush the bottom of it then dent the middle but still no movement.
Time to take a breather. I lay there under the 110 resting up my arms for a while before putting the grips towards the top of the filter and with all of my might twisting hard it finally budged a few millimeters.
That came with the feeling of relief so I gripped hard and twisted again. It moved more easily this time, finally coming loose and dribbling as much oil out of it’s housing as seemed to be coming out of the sump.

I left the whole thing to drain for twenty minutes or so before refitting the new filter then topping the engine up with new oil.
Tomorrows plan is to tidy up the floor well then start to refit the seats and floors themselves.
Then I can start it up properly and run it up to temperature seeing if we have any issues with what has been refitted…

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