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What an eventful day!
I literally just popped out under the car port for a bit of a potter on The 110. As always I quickly ended up in my own little world tinkering here and pottering there.
First off I had to attach some ends to and ground the two Earth wires that were on the engine onto the chassis after a few good minutes sanded back the underseal to get to clean metal.

Then I figured I may as well top up all of the oils in the gearbox as well as the transfer box. Four litres or so later that was done up and put to bed so I got to looking at engine itself. I really wanted to start it but I knew I probably should change the engine old fist but I have to admit that after all this time getting the lump into place impatience was getting the better of me.
“Sod it” I thought to myself and headed off to get a can of diesel. WHen I got back without anything but excitement in my mind I filled up the fuel filter and using the lift pump primed up the fuel system as best I could.
There were three old batteries in the garage that were ok when I put them in there but I had topped them all up last week.
With a grin on my face I hooked up the first one then with excited anticipation I turned the key…the engine turned over twice before the battery died.
Hmmph. Right not to be phased I grabbed the second one. Same thing, two turn overs before the starter ground to a halt.
OK then it must be third time lucky.
Nope, dead from the outset.

I was beginning to suspect that my very old battery charger might just have given up the ghost. A quick conversation with a neighbour and I had a boost pack in my possession. This was duly hooked up and left for a few minutes to force some charge in.
Then with bated breath I clambered once more across the two seats, sat down and turned the key around.

The engine fired up instantly into life and I learnt two things…

1) You really should change the years old oil in any engine before you try to start it.
2) Make sure you have fitted the full exhaust system as well as replacing all floor panels so the inside of the cab does not instantly fill up with thick black smoke leaving you fumbling for the keys in the ignition to switch the engine off.

So GOOD NEWS!! The engine runs!! It’s alive!!! I have no idea if it drives yet because I could not see my hand in front of my eyes when it was running so a quick oil change along with fitting the exhaust and floor pans back into place should put that right.

Those dreams of heading out onto the open road could well soon become a reality…

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