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My youngest was at work. Wifey was out Christmas shopping with her friend for the day, so what does a chap do when the day that lays before him is his own to do with as he pleases? Well what he does is go and grab his friend who’s Mrs was out shopping with mine and head off to look at boys stuff all morning!
We hit an Army surplus store then headed off to get the bugs for my Dragon looking at all the other impressive reptiles while we were there of course and to top it off we headed to KFC to have a fat git bucket meal for one as lunch!

We were home soon enough though so my attention was soon attracted back to the 110. There are a pile of parts kicking about so in the continued fashion of working from the front backwards I dug out some of the easier parts to fit to the engine.
First up was the thermostat change over. It has been known in the past that anytime I touch the bolts on a thermostat housing, they tend to just snap off leaving half the stud behind.

Today though was a good day! They all came lose with a satisfying crack! I soon had them out and the thermostat looked a little past its best.

While this was off I took out the Discovery temperature thermostat then cleaned up the whole area scraping off the area to give a good surface to mate up too.

It is nice when you line up and look at the new and old bits you are about to fit…

Or is that just me?
Everything soon dropped back into place so job one was finished.

Next up was the old fuel pump. I don’t know what was going there before I bought the engine but an old style series engine fuel pump was loosely bolted into place. Off that came and I quickly fitted a shiny new 200tdi one. I found the easiest way to do this believe it or not was to stand on top of the bumper with one foot on the front wheel reaching in with the spanner and socket from above.

Now seemed like a good time to start to reattach all of the wiring to the engine so I steadily worked my way through them adding the odd new end here and there to tally things up nicely.

I have come across one problem though. You see I meticulously put tape onto each wire and wrote on it where that wire went to so as to save confusion much much later on when I came to refit them all. Well there is just one left over on the nearside that still does indeed have its hand written label on it but the problem is that it has got more than a little mucky. I cannot know read what it says so feel free to have a look at the picture and see if you can decipher it.

I will be needing an alternator plug for the loom as well because the old one disintegrated when I took it off of the old engine.

As I sat back warming myself with a well earned brew I decided I may as well hook up a battery and see if the old unit would turn over.
So I removed the seat then opened up the battery box, in dropped the battery and I pushed the keys into the ignition. At this point I thought how disappointed I would be if nothing happened here. It would mean that I had done something wrong with the wiring or the starter was past it’s best.
With a shrug of my shoulders to myself I turned the key around.
To my immense delight the engine turned over without hesitation, what a sound! I don’t think I have ever been so pleased to here an engine not starting before!

This feels like a huge milestone to me. I have had this motors guts out and replaced them with the spec I wanted and blow me it seems to be working! I am so much closer to the end of this project than the beginning it is starting to feel like it may be finished sometime soon…

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