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Unfortunately The 110 is not my only project, you see Wifey did insist that we bought a house now so we could hopefully grow old and grey in it as the years go by. The thing is that she does insist on putting her own mark upon this new home we shall spend out autumn years in so there is now a “list” of improvements that need to be done.
She is one in a million though and is in no great rush to get it all done particularly quickly. That said would not want to impose upon her good nature and just focus upon my own toys all of the time so this afternoon I set to taking down the last pair of 1970’s dark brown and shiny doors off of the living room and study.
I wish I had taken a picture of them in situ but I forgot if I am honest and trust me here you are not missing anything at all. These types of cheap formica doors were all of the rage with their highly modern smooth mass produced surfaces. The ones in this house have been here since the place was first built.

It didn’t take long to get to get them down and in all fairness it was no time at all before the replacements were up in place. As always it took longer to sort out the catches and door furniture than the time to hang the actual doors but the overall effect is quite pleasing, even if I do say so myself.

It is nice to keep doing these little jobs putting our own stamp on the new home.

That done along with a hearty dinner in my belly and I sat down to chill out for the evening. Yea that lasted all of thirty minutes. I am not one to sit around just looking at the TV so I pondered what to do next.
Well I have had some shiny sun shine bright LED lights fitted under the car port so I could work on The 110 these long dark evenings.
Best try them out then eh!

If you recall I was about half way through sorting the steering out on the Land Rover so why not get on with getting it finished? I had popped out at lunchtime to pick up the steering damper so best get on with it eh!
I grabbed the front steering bar, fitted it then attached the damper. I had to go back around all of the front end including the replacement steering box to make sure I had tightened all of the bolts and fitted all of the split pins. Would not want any nasty surprises once we get the old bugger back on the road.

The only drawback I can see at the moment with working outside in the evening in Winter is that it is damned chilly to say the least!
Best dig out that thick old babygrow of mine eh!

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