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After feeling sorry for myself for a while after realising that I was going to have to make some structural alterations to the passenger foot well so the 200tdi’s exhaust does not hit it constantly I wandered back outside to have a look at the motor that seems to be the project destined to last for ever.

The steering is sort of half replaced so I took a closer look at what was left to do. As I was hunkered down I recalled that the front wheels needed setting up straight before I would be able to do a great deal. This would save me having to take off/adjust the track rod ends later on in the rebuild.
Now I do not own any fancy wheel alignment equipment but what I do own is a long length of rope. I tied this around the rear axle then ran it down the side from wheel to wheel which showed me which way to adjust it.

With the first side done and wedged into position I made short work of the other. Afterwards I did a quick double check and great stuff they are both nice, straight and in line now.

Then I set the steering box to its centre position and started to fit on the new drop arm. I was advised to do a bit of a mod here so the drop arm is a Discovery one and the new front steering bar I bought did not have any fittings for the steering damper.

A quick search on the internet showed that although opinions are split on whether a damper is needed or not it does make the drive a bit better when hitting pot holes etc.
Looks like a trip will be needed to exchange some parts that have already been bought but there was a niggling at the back of my mind to check the spares shed out.
A quick rummage through a shelf full of junk and a heavy duty front steering bar that came as part of a job lot of stuff was soon found complete with a damper mount already welded on!

A quick rub down, removal of the old tired track rod ends then a coat of black paint and shiny new ends is problem solved for me.

I do still need to pick up a Discovery 1 steering Damper to fit but the parts I have to return to Paddocks will more than cover the cost of that!
All in all it has been a productive day on the old boy.

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