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Isn’t life a strange thing. You head off in one direction thinking that a small job will take no time at all but within moments of starting you realise that now it’s going to head off in a completely different direction taking up hours of time stood outside in the cold.
I headed off this morning to Paddocks to buy a single nut for the steering box so I could get the front end finished only to find that that one singular bit from the hole of a Land Rover is not in stock.
A quick change of mind and plans saw me buying the whole of the 200tdi exhaust system as that should be an easy job to chuck on seeing as the conversion down pipe was already purchased and sat on a shelf at home.

It was not until I got home that I realised that I had not bought the manifold to down pipe gasket but figured “hey ho” lets get it all offered up to make it fit. I did not get past the conversion down pipe in this.

When this pipe is flush to the manifold it still rests on the passenger foot well which will not bode well when I am driving along, so what to do? Well it bloody well looks like I will have to modify the foot well then. I will have cut it out and then make up some new shaped box that will give some clearance for the pipe work when the engines running and moving on its mounts under acceleration.

On a more positive note I had a tow bar fitted to my daily runaround by the tow bar chap (because I needed an invoice to keep up the warranty) and this was done in ninety minutes with no fuss at all. I didn’t have to lie under it in the rain like he did getting cold as well as soaked to the skin.

So what I have done in light of this is buy a ticket for the Euromillions in the hope that I win enough money to either get someone else to finish the rebuild or so I can go and buy an already finished motor and then take great pleasure in burning this one.

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