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As you can all see from my delays in writing anything I have been more than a little busy of late with life in general as well as family illness including my own, that bug that’s doing the rounds is a doozy!
Whilst lounging around the house generally feeling a bit rough and sorry for myself I became aware once again of the odd moaning and creaking noises it makes. These sounds worried me sick when we first bought the place as I was so damned sure inside of my crazy head that something would fall down or break but now it is a different story. Those sounds are just the house itself as it warms up and cools down. It’s about the same age as me so it’s bound to have the odd moan here and there, I mean the poor bugger is getting on now you know!
But now those sounds that once sent me into a quiet worried despair thinking I had bought a lemon now bring a quiet sense of homely comfort. They go mostly unnoticed as such but when they do reach the surface of my mind, I know I am home.

There has been the odd hour here and there on the 110 though so some progress is being made with my main focus being on the steering box.
This really is a straight forward swapping over procedure. Firstly I removed the nut and bolt from the steering column UJ. Then came off the front steering bar on the box’s drop arm. Four bolts that run through the chassis came undone without too much of a fight and the box then literally dropped off.

I slid the replacement power steering unit on and much to my surprise it bolted straight into place without any messing around with the holes on the chassis.

I do need to go and pick up a new bolt to hold the steering box arm in place though.

It will be nice to have power steering on the motor. Seeing as it will be our camper/overlander I want it to have as many of life’s little creature comforts as I can fit!

There has been a great deal of pondering on what I would like to do seat wise. I have gone from outlandish captain seats through to RX-8 seats in my mind, but after even more contemplation I decided why mess with design and started a bit of a hunt for some standard Defender seats. What I did come across in the end was two separate pairs of seats. One had a good drivers seat and the other a good condition passenger one. The money was right on both sets so I bought them and made myself a good pair.

They are not fixed in place yet as there is still far too much to do on the inside but once recovered they will be spot on. It is damned good to see a pair of seats in the old boy once again though!

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