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Well I am a man who is happy to put his hands up and admit when I got it wrong. And I did get it wrong.
When i refitted the rear propshaft yesterday I put the damned thing on the wrong way round and to say I got a few emails about it would be an understatement!
Happily though all were in a good natured tone and none were mean enough to call me outright stupid!

This morning then was spent doing my favourite job of taking off then putting back on the fiddly little propshaft nuts. In the end it took about forty minutes of messing around but happy days it now sits correctly as it should!

Seeing as I was dressed up in my mucky clothes I then set to removing the pan hard rod on the front, treating the metal whilst it was exposed then refitting the replacement one with the new bushes in.

Not a bad potter for a Friday morning before heading off to work. This is the way I like it, two little jobs done instead of just hanging around waiting to start the work that we have to do to pay the bills. Hopefully I can carry on in the same vain…

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