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It has been an interesting sort of few days. The Disco has gone which has left me to focus just upon the 110 which is a good thing really. You see I have been stretching myself rather on the thin side. The problem with pushing yourself too far with too many things is that you start to lose your focus, my perspective has shifted between too many things like keeping several motors running as well as doing up the house. Add to that the hours at work well things just mounted up.
With the disco gone it’s one less issue to look at and I do feel a damned site better for it if I am honest.

The next thing though is that my focus has turned towards the 110. I hopped back on board yesterday morning with a pair of spanners in hand to get the propshafts reattached after the engine and transfer box swap.
The front one just kind of fell into place and was soon all tightened up.

For the rear I dragged it all into place along with myself to offer it up and wondering why it was all of a sudden too spacey? I lay there on back trying to figure out why the bolts met both ends but what was that space???
Then the penny dropped. I suppose I had better put the handbrake drum back into place first. That didn’t take long either but doing the nuts and bolts up seemed to take an age with me ended up jacking up one side on the front and rear so I could turn propshaft around making access a little easier.

With that done it was time to write a big list of what I needed to buy to get this project up to MOT status. The list was indeed a long one.

A trip to Paddocks it was then because I have sold a few bits this week so the kitty was sitting pretty, well until I got there. My poor little car was weighed down with a full boot as well as the back seat being covered. I have a great deal of parts now that will take me almost until the end of the build.
There are still a few things like an exhaust system that needs to be modified and fitted along with the pipework for the coolant system but I will get to that. I also need a pair of seats and I will go with the RX8 ones I think.

There’s a few things coming in the post as well so I have no excuse not to pull my finger out now. The jobs that are ahead are all smaller in nature, which I like. It means I can potter about with different jobs that have different timescales. Nothing else will be really forced to completion, I can step up and step out at any point so hopefully the build will be plodding along nicely now…

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