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Today I found myself running the Dad errand of taking my youngest daughter to her first job interview. Seeing as the old Disco that has been sat for a week that was my chariot of choice for this small run.
All was going well, in fact the old girl was running just fine as I sat there chatting with the baby of my family, until something caught my eye in the rear view mirror.
There were plumes of thick blue smoke pouring out of the exhaust. Hmm that shouldn’t have been happening of course so I looked down at the temperature gauge which was sitting quite unhappily in the red.

At this point I had two choices. On the one hand if I kept driving I doubt much good could come from whatever was happening to the engine but on the other if I stop now in what is essentially my back up motor that has been slowly falling apart my daughter would miss her interview. No brainer really, I kept going. It was only a few more miles and the old boy made it no problem.
As she trotted off to see if she could get a job I popped the bonnet and had a look to see if it was anything obvious. The coolant was low so I topped it up after the engine had cooled down.
With a shoulder shrug to myself I dropped the bonnet down and decided not to worry about it. When my daughter returned with a smile and a “It went alright” we started to head home.

It ran hot once more but to add insult to injury the nearside front brakes started to play up again. Every time I braked the Disco tried to shake itself apart. If you imagine a warped disc that had cracked and each time the pads go over that crack the wheel tries to break free of its nuts…yea it feels just like that.
This would be coming from the side that has been rebuilt several times now so that along with the now warm engine means I am done with it.

No more money will be spent on an old Discovery because I now have to make a choice.
I can spend my money on trying to fix an ancient Discovery that has done over 200,000 miles or on the 110 that is months away from completion but any further delay will in all honesty will leave me with such a distinct lack of enthusiasm that the project may never be completed.

So now I own two Land Rovers that don’t really work. Typical eh…you have to love the green oval reliability. Now then do I strip it or sell it scrap???

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