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I have always enjoyed taking photos. It helps to focus the mind as well as en-capture the wonders of the world we live in. There is great beauty all around us to be found in the smallest of things. Most of us do not take time to just stop and notice these things, myself included a great deal of the time but to try and capture this essence of nature and the world around us has always been a goal of mine. To look back upon photos taken that boost the memories of enjoyable days past.
This has always been done with my phone camera and not too shabbily if I am honest but I have always hankered after a nice piece of equipment to play with funds though along with a growing family had always put pay to that idea.

Now though, well I came into a bit of an unexpected windfall so I have treated myself to a Nikon D3300 AF-P. That’s a fancy way of saying “A nice camera” that has more buttons and information on screen than I have a clue what to do with yet. So I charged up the battery, confused myself a great deal with the instructions and took it out with myself and the dog this morning to have a play with it.
My main aim is to get up into Derbyshire on a regular basis taking the camera along on our hikes to get some interesting pictures from up there then starting to get into night shoots as well as daytime ones.
But firstly I shall learn to crawl with it. I can’t say that I can even walk yet as I wander around randomly changing buttons around but I shall read up some more and get talking to like minded folks seeing where this new hobby will take me.

I need to shrink the size of the pictures before I can get them uploaded on here but I will try to figure out how to do that later today!

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