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My new approach is definitely “Do a bit when you can” where the 110 is concerned. There is still so much to do on it that the only way I do not get fed up with it all ending up selling the damned thing is to look at one job at a time.
I fell into the frame of thinking that when I worked on the Land Rover it had to be a whole day at a time. But I find myself just getting back into the pottering type of do a bit at a time type of progress.

Today I had a spare hour so I started with popping a bracket into place between the alternator and fuel pump bracket making sure that I had all of the bits that were needed…

With that done in a few minutes I set to popping the wiring back into place on the starter motor…

Then last but not least for the day was swapping over the old type of fuel filter housing for a 300tdi one that will make it easier to change over and service as and when needed…

As I looked at all of the fuel pipes that are littered around the engine bay I realised that I have absolutely no idea where they are all supposed to do. That goes for the linkage on the gear/transfer box as well. If anyone has any pictures please feel free to pop them up!

I did try to adjust the accelerator cable to fit the 200tdi but the outer casing disintegrated so I guess that will now get added to the parts list!
A few more little jobs down now though which makes it just a little bit closer to being finished.

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