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Wouldn’t it be great to have a tail. I was sat last night with my family enjoying a tipple when I got around to watching the dog. She seems to be able to express all of her emotions just using her tail!
I just said her name quietly and received a quick flick of the end of the tail that seemed to express a little hope that she had heard right from where she was lying down but not sure enough to yet come running. I repeated her name loudly and she literally grinned jumped up with her tail wagging happily generating enough wind force to run a small wind farm.
Admittedly everyone would know what we are thinking most of the time if we had one ourselves but I bet there is something immensely satisfying when you get to wag one!

Back to the 110 then. With these 12 hour shifts at work I am finding it hard to get any sort of decent time in on the rebuild at all but I managed to get an hour in yesterday just pottering around. Seeing as we are at the putting it back together stage an hour here and there can make a fair bit of difference.
The gearbox got earthed, the reverse switch put back in then I confused myself as how to make the speedo cable stay in place. One job I wanted to get out of the way was putting all of the studs and bolts back on around the bell housing. This is where it started to get a little weird.
If you think of the circle of the bell housing, the top half of that circle has the threads in place for the studs and bolts but the bottom half has no threads at all, as in none. They have never been tapped!? Is anyone else’s 200tdi like this? I wish I had noticed before we put it back into the 110 but hey ho it wouldn’t be a Land Rover if I didn’t have to sacrifice some more blood and skin whilst lying underneath it in a contorted position…

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