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There were great big heavy lumps of metal everywhere underneath the 110. In fact there was no large metal lumps left at all in the 110 and this left me a little miffed with what lay ahead.
But as with all insurmountable chores that lye ahead you really just need to chose a point to begin then take it from there.
An old friend was up for the day to give me a hand in what was meant to be a quick change over of the transfer box before popping it back into position. Easy eh? But the best laid plans never go to plan.
It didn’t take long to separate the transfer from the gearbox and that really was the easiest part of the day!

With that done my friend, who is a mechanic by trade, piped up with
“Well lets get the engine in then.”
“What!?” I said.
“Lets get the replacement lump in, then pop the gearbox on and finish with the replacement transfer box.”
“Err ok then” I replied.

So with that very short conversation the afternoon had changed from a quick swap and lift into place of the gearbox end into a lets get all the big bloody metal lumps back into where they are supposed to be sort of affair. This I was not expecting at all.

Out came the engine crane along with the 200tdi attached and in what felt like a matter of minutes it was dropped straight into position with minimal wiggling.

Before we popped it in I replaced the rear seal behind the fly wheel (I forget what it is called) because I did not fancy having to pull the whole thing out again to change it later and seeing as the engine has been sat around for a couple of years I figured prevention is better than cure.
Then I scrubbed up the fly wheel itself before we fitted the new clutch.

It was now time to refit the gearbox but would it just drop into place? Nope. We twisted we wiggled I even called a friend in case I was missing something obvious but after a bit more jiggling as well as turning the engine over by hand slightly we had the whole thing in place.
It was at this point that my friend said “Oh you are not going to be happy with this” then he pointed to the clutch release bearing that had somehow dropped out when he was manoeuvring the gearbox around on his legs. So off came the newly fitted gearbox once more and the merry go round started again! It was all good though and before we knew it the transfer box was refitted to boot (along with replacement seals first of course).

After a quick meal we were back out popping on the replacement gearbox mounts. I made that sound easy didn’t I but it was a pig of a job to do. At this point we were both getting to the “more than had enough of this point” but we pushed on until they were in place.

It was now that we realised that we really should have kept the transfer box bolts in order because they are all different lengths. This still needs to be sorted but we had had enough so seeing as the whole lot was now securely in place we both walked away to get washed up.

I am now a damned site further ahead than I planned to be around now and I thank my friend for that. I do need to try and find some enthusiasm for the project again though because I am still pig sick to my back teeth of it!
Having said that I am now once again at the point that I can just go out and potter from time to time on little easier bits. So forward we go folks pushing just a little further each week to get this old beast back onto the road…

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