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Honestly I have been crazy busy with life of late. Family have been coming and going, in fact I have had more family along with friends visit lately than ever before so with all of that good company along with trying to fit in a bit of walking and other hobbies, time has really been tight.
Now I will readily admit here that I am on the “Little bit fed up” side of the rebuild at the moment but I still try to get at least a few hours in once a week if I can.
Without reading back through my blog entries I cannot recall if I have said what ratio transfer box I was going to go with. It will be the Discovery 1:2 ratio and the box is already bought.

The reason I have gone for that ratio s the 110 will be my cruiser/camper that is going to rack up the road miles like nothing else. There will be no off roading with it apart from where it will be parked up for the night. So with that in mind I have started to remove the gearbox so the transfer box can be changed over and the gearbox mounts replaced.

This is not a five minute process. First things to be tackled were the propshafts and the challenge of getting the very rusty nuts and bolts off.

These off course are quite easy to get to from underneath but what I would not recommend is the following when tackling them.
As you lie on your back with spanners in hand do not, I repeat do not put so much pressure on the said spanners that when they ultimately round off and slip off of the nut you are trying to loosen you get to smack yourself with a full force punch square in the middle of your face.
Then after the tears have passed and the pain has subsided enough that you can once again see reasonably clearly do not then realise you were wearing your last pair of good glasses that now sit splayed bent outwards on themselves with two broken arms.

After weeping quietly to myself in the corner of the garage for a few minutes I went and got my reading glasses so I could see what I was doing when trying to repair my now rather sorry looking specs. A bend here and a couple of strips of black electrical tape later and voila! A nicely repaired set of bins.

Back to the bonded bolts then. After some muttering along with lots of lubrication both propshafts were soon removed.
Once the handbrake, reversing light wires and accelerator cable were removed I drained off all of the fluids from both boxes. But that was the end of my day. I was tired and funnily enough had a headache/faceache coming on in earnest so removing the cross member and then dropping the box out will have to wait until later in the week.

Quite honestly I don’t think there is anything else mechanical that I have not removed now! But I can rest easy knowing that once i have put the better engine and transfer box back in and popped the front end back into place, it will look like I have done sod all for the last couple of months!

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