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When you take an engine out of any motor it gives you the opportunity to get to otherwise unreachable places. So with that in mind I decided that now would be a good time to scrape off all of the years and years worth of accumulated dirt and oil from the front chassis.
This sticky dirty mess has done a superb job of keeping any form of rust at bay but at around 10mm thick was now getting a bit on the thick side. Placing some cardboard along with an old shower curtain underneath to catch the mess as it fell, I set to with a shiny new wallpaper scraper getting the muck off. It literally ended up everywhere! I was covered in the stuff including the back of my head…I mean seriously how the hell did I get it on the back of my head when the scraper was an arms length away all of the time??

Still it’s all a means to an end and when i had nice cleanish metal in front of me I set to with the underseal giving liberal coatings everywhere I could including the whole of the bulkhead as who knows when I could be getting back into there again! I was working on the prevention is better than cure line. Once finished I stood back happily perusing all that looked clean and decided the heater box needed a coat of Hammerite as well while it sat exposed.
The results are very pleasing. Is it just me that gets a geeky kind of pleasure when you have done this sort of thing?

When we bought this house one of the larger things that had been started but not finished was the conservatory at the back. All of the hard graft had been done on the groundworks side of things but the outer skin wall was where it all ended. Seeing as this was all at the top of the damp course level of the bricks it was top of the list of priorities to get done before the Winter sets in. Now this is probably beyond my capabilities so I have had a chap in to complete the plastics works who was recommended by a few different friends and it is indeed coming along nicely now.

I had to be in yesterday as he was here for most of the afternoon and evening needing the odd hand with a more awkward part which left me with lots of time for pottering on the 110. Seeing as parts are at a premium I set onto getting one side of where the tub meets the chassis patched as it was corroded.
Should of been an easy job but as these bloody fiddly jobs tend to do it took nearly three hours. I ground off the old nuts and bolts then measured up for a new panel to make. That was then set into place and riveted along with the four nuts and bolts re-added. I was going to underseal it but it had got that hot in the afternoon the seal had melted in the tin to a runny mess so no hope of it sticking to anything then!

Still I must of been cooler than the poor bugger that was fitting the conservatory because the sun sat high in the sky beating down on him all afternoon!
I then managed to sell a couple of unwanted Disco bits to a chap who came round giving me just enough to go and buy the clutch for the 200tdi engine today! That’s now one step closer to going in than it was before.

It was then onto the final potter of the day painting up replacement pan hard arm and fitting the new bushes. Am I going over the top painting these new bits that are going to be fitted? Maybe but just once I want the whole thing to look nice before the rust fights back through or the weather takes its toll.

You have to admit it to yourselves though that car parts always look better when painted.
Possibly the funniest thing I have seen today though is my dog sitting next to the conservatory doors waiting to be let in through them…they have not been glazed yet.

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