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Well I have talked the talk, now I am happy to say I have walked the walk. Yes folks I am past the point of no return where the engine is concerned you see it is finally out.
Now I have two choices I can either put the original back in or get on with the 200tdi conversion…I bet you can guess which way I am going.

It was just a couple pf days ago that Wifey told me to “Get the 110 under the car port so you can work on it properly”. So it was quickly parked up then the strip down began.

Off with the bonnet and wings then I had to drain down the coolant, which was very clean and new so someone has looked after this at some point, and then out with the old tar like engine oil.

That was the easy bit done now I stood back slowing myself down a touch so I could put things bacl in the right place when the 200tdi goes in. I decided that the easiest way to do this was to use masking tape around the wiring/cables I removed as I removed them so they could be easily identified.
Feeling glad I had made this early save I plodded on systematically removing wiring marking it up then taking off the pipework putting it into boxes along with tying it back out of place.
In short order I realised I had disconnected everything from the engine itself so that only left undoing all of the bolts from the bell housing and to get to that I would have to remove the floor pans I had painstakingly fitted months ago way before I decided on an engine swap.

With the floor pans out along with the tunnel itself, much to my surprise the nuts came away from the gearbox easily. Within the space of a mere few hours I was now ready to remove the engine but the day had grown long so I enlisted a friend to give me a hand to remove it.

The following lunchtime saw us digging the engine crane out of the garage along with a some rope to lift the lump clear. Now here in lies a tale of caution for you because we got away with it with nothing more than a little luck but you may not be so lucky. This particular bit of rope was rather old and even though seemed up to the task we only had the engine up a couple of inches before it snapped clean and the lump dropped perfectly back into place onto its mounts. Literally the luck of the Devil there because even though we were standing clear at the time the engine could of done a deal of damage to the 110 itself not to mention the driveway!

After a couple of “did that really just happen?” moments I dug out a much stronger strap and we had another more tentative go at getting it out.
This time it was much better with it all coming out easily. It was soon dropped down into the corner out of the way leaving me with the job of scraping clean the chassis and while I have the access I will underseal the whole of the bulkhead as well. As soon as payday comes around I will order a new clutch kit and look to get the 200tdi into place asap.

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