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Yesterday was officially the 11th day of my 12 day holiday, it was also the first that I managed to get anywhere near the 110. What with climbing Snowdon, hiking in the Peak District, visiting family and generally being all round busy!

After I had replaced the bearings discs and pads on one side of the 110 a few weeks ago the calipers looked more than a little shabby so I nipped off to Paddocks to collect a new pair first thing in the morning. That done I decided to tackle the drivers side wheel first as I had not done anything to that. The sun was shining but I was still sat in the shade on the driveway keeping cool and when I whipped off the wheel the sight I was greeted with was a combination of rust, rust, and more rust!

I swear that this motor must have been dropped into salt water at some point in the past and left there for a few months.
I am now a well practised hand at stripping out hubs along with replacing wheel bearings so that job was done in next to no time at all.
The caliper was next so I put on my useless brake hose clamp that clamp nothing at all once I had removed the old caliper so that left me with a finger over the end of the pipe to stop the flow whilst stretching far far away in contortions that a yoga teacher would of been proud of trying to reach the new unit.
That was on soon enough though and the brake pipe itself was in good condition so no need to change that over yet.

I quick bit of copper grease to the back of the brake pads and the final finish looks very well too, all nice and shiny!

Drivers side done I headed around top the passenger side but this was nice and straight forward as all I had to do here was change the caliper over.

With the front brakes now bled through I have a reasonable chance of stopping when I shunt the 110 around the drive which is a bonus as I don’t think Wifey would be too pleased with it ending up in the front room!

At this point my mobile rang and it was the dealership calling telling me that the little Fiat 500 that I had bought for Wifey, as I was stealing her Sandero to commute to work and back in now because I am walking away from riding motorbikes for a while, would be ready late that afternoon. Me being the soppy romantic sod I am from time to time then arranged to have it delivered to her at home as a surprise (got to get those brownie points in when you can folks). That done I realised that I would have to play some musical motors on the driveway, so the 110 is now sat in it’s new spot under the car port where I can now potter on with it whatever the weather and when I actually get five minutes to myself!

The Fiat turned up, many brownie points to me, and we all have more than we could have ever wished for. Sometimes I step back and look at what the last six months has done to change my life then I realise how lucky I really am…

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