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Do you recall me saying that that was enough with the Discovery and I would not be spending anymore money on it? Well it proved me wrong in the space of sod all….I think it may well be female.

I got a wheel wobble again, quite badly. Upon further investigation with the help of a good friend we discovered that the hub on the passenger side was no longer round, it was more of an egg shape that allowed the bearing race to spin upon itself inside the hub quite merrily. A quick temporary fix later saw the wheel wobble free for about half a mile then it came back once again with a vengeance.

With a heavy heart along with a fast dwindling bank balance I set off to collect a nice shiny new hub and bearing set. When I got home my youngest daughter started off making the dinner (Spag Bol) whilst I set to changing the hub over underneath the car port so I could shout instructions on how to cook the food as this was her first time having a go at cooking it.

The old hub dropped out no problem at all which is not surprising considering how many times it has been on and off over the past few months buggering about with bearings etc and the new one was soon into place because I had already built it up before starting the strip down. Brake caliper was soon put back on along with the wheel, which saw me hopping into the drivers seat to take it for a quick spin hopefully having fixed all of its juddery braking issues in one foul swoop.
That hope died as soon as I got up to a decent speed and braked. The juddering was still there and quite frankly if I had had a gallon of petrol and a match at this point Blue the Disco would have been no more.
I dragged it home and had the wheel off again, I swear that I will be the first person ever to actually wear out a set of wheel nuts because they have been on and off more times than a whore’s knickers, looking into the general hub area seeing what else I could have possibly missed. My youngest shouted dinner was ready and it was then when I was a little distracted I saw the black line between the inner brake pad and disc.

I reached forward and sure enough there was a good few millimetres space there, I grabbed a torch and looked done the back of the pad to see the caliper pistons sat right back in their housing not moving an inch regardless of what pressure was put upon them.
On a plus point the Spag Bol was superb so my daughter has made a rod for her own back here because I think it is now time she learnt to cook a few more meals as she is on her school holidays.

So another trip to Paddocks to get a new complete caliper unit because I was way way past messing around now and with that fitted this morning I got once again back into the drivers seat for a spin. With nothing left but a silent wish that finally I would be able to stop without fighting with my steering wheel to stay in a straight line I set off up the road into the national speed limit building up a good run to 60mph.

I nearly put myself through the windscreen if I am honest. I really didn’t expect that it would have worked but it did and very well at that. There’s a horrible brake squeal that’s developed but I don’t really care anymore, folks will just hear me coming. Their eardrums may well explode from the high pitched resonance but they will not miss me that’s for sure.

The Disco is set for the winter now along with the quiet collection of parts that I am slowly building up to make it an good off roading toy.

But what has this got to do with the 110 I hear you thinking to yourselves, all he has done is talk about his Discovery.
Well the whole saga has taught me a lesson. I was going to clean up the calipers on the 110 saving myself a few pounds in the process then paint them. That is not going to happen now, nope, I will go and buy brand new calipers to go with the brand new discs and pads that are on it. I am not messing around with what ifs and maybes on the 110 oh no it will be a motor of mostly new parts where anything was needing repairing.
It will cost me a little more as I go along so this will add time to the rebuild but I do not want to be having to back track over work I have already done anytime soon once it is actually on the road.

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