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That damned Discovery has been taking up my time and cash once again getting it prepped for it’s MOT that should never have been seeing as I bought it as a rot box last year to see me through one winter then strip it for parts. So after extensive welding across the board and new brakes it now has twelve months on it giving me a little breathing room while I sell the bike.
Once a new little commuter car rolls in, after the bike sale, the Disco will become nothing but an off road toy that I need not worry about breaking and boy oh boy am I going to have some fun with it then!

Today the sun was shining high in the sky so I sorted out the wood work that needed painting in the kitchen then my attention turned to the 110 front brake caliper bolt that was rounded off. Now being a smarty alec I had bought myself some of these special “get a rounded bolt out easily” sockets to make the job easy and with a great deal of confidence I set to removing that rusty nut.
After some initial buggering about trying to get the special socket into place finding there was next to no room to put the extension bar on, I realised that I had not turned the wheel onto full lock hence restricting my work space.
After calling myself a few choice names including dumbass I popped my super socket on expecting fantastic things.
I was mistaken.
All it did was chew up the rusty nut some more but not to be defeated on this I kissed the twenty odd quid I had spent on these self proclaimed excellent tools goodbye then went back to my disposable socket drawer to grab a much smaller one than the bolt along with my rather large hammer.

Several rather satisfying whacks later the normal smaller sized socket was fitted snugly into place over the bolt with a couple of extension bars put on for good measure.

I figured I was going to get only one shot on this rusty lump so I wanted as much leverage as I could muster. I applied some right arm strength soon hearing a welcome crack and the nut started to turn.

I knew I would not have the time to change the disc and pads today but getting this nut out now leaves me with a job I can hop onto one morning this week. I did replace all of the caliper bolts on both sides while I was under there so I would not be faced with this problem once again when it comes around to new pads in the future.

Another small job knocked off of the list and I also managed to dispose of my ill fitting seats to a very grateful scrap man this morning who wants to fit them into his transit van to make it more comfy.
Each to their own eh…

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