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I am not one for watching much television as there is not usually much of anything worth watching but I have to admit here that I have do have a guilty pleasure and it is bad. The acting is awful full of American bravado for the master and chief, as if that was not bad enough this program is now into it’s third series and I just cannot break the addiction.
It’s called “The Last Ship” and it’s just so bad that I love it.
Show after show I merrily kill forty odd minutes of total dead head watching while the rest of the world slowly slips away into the background taking all of it’s cares with it leaving me at peace and enthralled in a programme that I know the ending of within minutes of it starting.
The reason I bring it up? Nothing major really just wanted to share the fact that a bit of down time doing what pleases you, whatever that may be, is always pretty good for the soul.

The rear seats of the 110 went off on their merry way early this morning so after the usual running of chores that had to wait for the weekend I decided that I had nothing more pressing to do than clean out the back of the 110 and offer up the front seats into place.
The rear bed wasn’t too bad if I am honest but there were lots of dog hairs mixed with dust that would be better off in the dustbin.

Then out came one of the front seats I have had stored in the back for quite some time now so I could make up a template and drill some holes for the seat rails to drop into.
This didn’t take long and I was soon offering the template up and drilling the four holes necessary then the seat was popped finally into it’s new resting place…or so I thought.

It didn’t take much getting into place but one thing soon became very obvious about my new driving position…I would not be able to get into it or steer.

There was a meer five millimetres between the seat base and the steering wheel. Driving with these mat prove a bit more of a challenge than I wanted so with resignation in my shoulder slump along with a slight shake of my head from side to side I set to taking it back out again.
These seats travelled up from Northamptonshire to sit in my 110 for many many moons, got moved from one house to another to end up going to the dump anyway unless someone pipes up that they want them for free.
Hey ho there’s plenty more to do anyway so I will keep an eye our for another pair of something that can go in their place.

With that waste of a drill bit (yep I snapped one drilling the holes) finished cleaning the back became my priority and it is a nice feeling knowing that most of the crud has been removed giving you a nicer workplace to potter in.

With that done along with a greenhouse put up, only one pane of glass broken in the move! I thought there would have been more being the clumsy ape that I am, Wifey returned home declaring that we should put up the tent that we bought a few weeks back so “we” would know how to do it quicker/properly when we use it in a couple of weeks.

Now I do not mind camping at all. There is something about sleeping under canvas that is really relaxing being closer to nature and all of that, what I do not like is putting a large tent up and taking it down again, the bit in between staring at the scenery or the stars is just fine.
I did hear what my friend who sold it me said when I bought it “It’s pretty big mate” but I had not realised that I had bought what amounts to a portable garage!
Seriously this thing is huge! After putting it up, using the odd stern word or two, then standing back to see the enormity of it I went back to check the actual dimensions on the bag it came in.

Five meters long by three point six meters wide…it is huge! And to think Wifey was worried about where to put a porta loo in it saving a night time trudge across a campsite waking yourself up to use the loo.
Seriously I could park a Land Rover in it if the weather was bad…I wonder if I could get away with that?

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