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Mobile phones, love em or hate em it would look like they are here to stay whether we like it or not, but where would you draw the line of when to use them?
At the dinner table?
Whilst driving?
Christmas morning?

Personally I would draw the line at using one whilst stood in the Gents toilet, at a urinal, whilst using the said urinal whilst simultaneously pokemon hunting or texting your friends on instaface or whatever it is you you folks are using days?
Well it seems that was not the line in the sand for the fellow in the toilet today, oh no he was happily tapping away whilst peeing somewhere towards the urinal he was supposed to be using. Now I bet in your minds eye you are seeing some hooded youngster arent you…well you are wrong this chap was easily in his late forties to early fifties, what does it say about the world we live in now though that you cannot be out of contact with the outside world even for the time it takes to have a pee?

I have to say that you can count me out on that one I will carry on being an old fart that likes to potter around disconnected from everyone else’s drama.

Well it’s over, I am done with it all. I have tried and tried to get on with it once again but it would appear all of the fun has drained from it for me. I am talking about the motorbike. It’s back and looking good not to mention riding better than it ever has done but the thrill has gone. I no longer seem to enjoy the feel of the speed after the accident along with the loss of that feeling of freedom when you hop on and ride off in any direction.
Nope it’s over for now and certainly on this bike as I just feel plain exposed when riding. I thought it would pass over but I have run up more than a few miles now and the love has gone.

The bike is up for sale because I am walking away for a while now. I don’t doubt I will have another one one day but after much thinking I will be sorting out a reliable motor to commute to work and back in for now. By that I mean I will buy the wife something she always wanted, a Fiat 500, then I will use our little Dacia Sandero to commute in.

So if anyone wants to buy a nice touring/adventure bike give me a shout unless you have a nice Fiat 500 to swap for…

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