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Right then for some reason I am having some picture issues on my laptop, in fact I seem to be having all sorts of issues with my laptop hence the silence from me this past week or so.
Just because I have been “off the grid” it doesn’t mean I have been just sitting around doing nothing, oh no in fact I have been rather busy to say the least!
You may recall my last post had a rather long list on it, this was not a begging list but a “parts to get it road legal” one so I had a starting point to move onwards with.

If you watch the news it is full of sadness and misery from around the globe, I often get saddened by the hatred segregation and racism that I see in this country but what breaks my heart the most is seeing just plain meanness on most days. I try to make at least one person smile each day generally succeeding in my efforts with complete strangers and I believe that a little kindness can go a long way.
It would appear that I am not the only person who works along this line of life as I got a call from a friend telling me they had a fair few of the parts from my list so did I want to pop over for a brew and have a look?

A day along with time was sorted and soon enough we were having a chat over a brew about what was needed. Soon there was a pile of bits that seemed to keep growing so I had to pipe up that we really needed to talk about prices because my budget is running more than a little tight at the moment. This was soon replied with
“I don’t want anything”
“What? I have to give you something there’s loads of bits here”
“No you don’t they are just lying around here so if you can make use of them I’m happy with that”
“I HAVE to give you something!”
“Sod off Nick you are having them”

Now this is a level of generosity I have not come across before and it has left me dumbfounded! Now I wont embarrass my friend by naming them but you know who you are and I thank you once again for your generosity, there is a thank you in the pipeline in fact I will probably see you over the weekend 😉

So the 110 has more parts now than it did before so progress will once again be made very shortly. The only reason that nothing has been done is due to the fact that the Discovery needed yet more attention from me.
The wheel wobble is awful under breaking even though it has now had new discs and pads on the front along with new polybushes fitted to the pan hard rod. The old bushes were very helpfully pushed out at another friends house who has a hydraulic press. These presses are superb and I will be investing in one very shortly to aid with what seems to be the constant need for bush replacement on the Land Rovers!

I am happy to say that after some messing around getting it all back into place along with checking over all of the ball joints, new brake parts I can report that it has made absolutely bugger all difference.
Quite frankly I am sick of playing with this Disco now and once my motorbike has sold I will be buying a little run around to get to work and back in leaving me to then focus all of my attention on the 110! I would rather be spending on that than trying to keep this Disco on the road which is a shame as the engine runs spot on. Don’t get me wrong I will still drive it and even try to MOT it but I will not be spending hours on it trying to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear until something a little more reliable comes along. Then I will off road the hell out of it!

Do you recall me fitting the new doors to the 110? Well the new hinges I fitted got all rusty very quickly which was my fault for not priming them all up properly before fitting so I had to get in a quick coat of Hammerite in case they rusted away before the 110 is finished!
The results were quite nice though and now my work pattern is changing I will get really stuck in to getting the 110 road legal…

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