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There is always a parts list with a Land Rover but this seems to be never ending when you are in the midst of a rebuild. I normally try to keep the long list of I want bits in my head but with throwing in the 200tdi transplant into the mix I decided to have a bit of a walk around today to put down the basics of what I need to buy to get the old boy onto the road once again.
As you all know funds are tight so I am looking at what can be accomplished on the second hand market as well as the bits you always want to buy new.
Now I am sure I have missed a few things here and there so feel free to pipe up if you notice a glaringly obvious short coming on my part.

The list sits as follows:-

Trailing arm bushes x2
Fuel pipe.
Jubilee clips
Wing to bulkhead clips & Screws
Floor Clips and screws
Primer (not desperate but some bits could do with a coat)
Steering column components
Power Steering Box
Rear Brake rebuild kit (Salisbury axle)
The following are all 200 tdi…
Full exhaust
Power steering pump
Water Pump
Extended hoses
Full Clutch Kit
All Belts
Cambelt Kit
Service kit

Now that’s as much as I can think of at the moment. There may be a brake pipe or two but I have that kicking around already waiting for me to learn to flare the ends correctly!

It is all indeed a pretty pennies worth so if anyone has any of the above for sale please let me know and we shall see if a deal can be struck 🙂
Alternatively if any parts companies are kicking around wanting to be part of the continued development of the 110 in a sponsorship capacity I am only too happy to listen to your offers….no takers?? Worth a try I suppose…

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