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I recall the care free summer days of my youth just sitting back enjoying the company of good friends sat by the water side drinking as much alcohol that could be brought to me whilst relaxing in the summers warmth.
Now I still enjoy the company of friends but the boozing element has well and truly gone, don’t get me wrong I still love a drink really enjoy it in fact but it is just the odd one or two.

We were at a friends house yesterday evening enjoying good food, even better company and of course a sherbert or two. No one was drunk and copious amounts of alcohol were not consumed in fact I had the sum total of 5 small bottle of beers over about five hours with food so you would think that my body would be ok with that…nope.
There is no hangover but my stomach this morning has decided that it’s entire contents need to be disposed of before I can get on with today’s tasks, it would seem boozing does not agree with me anymore!
Sleeping after booze seems to be an optional extra I have not paid for as well leaving me time to get intimate with my bedroom ceiling learning every bump and brushstroke.

Having some time to just sit around this morning to contemplate this issue whilst the rest of the house sleeps on I have come to the conclusion that we are all born with a finite amount of boozing built into us and I have used most of mine up already. I don’t have an issue with that as alcohol is not a big part of my life anymore and the reason is most definitely not the fact I am getting older with my body dictating what I will or will not do going forward because you see I am still only twenty six (even if that’s only in my head).

Am I fussed about this new development of sticking heavy boozing onto the back boiler? Not really, it’s just a chapter in the rich tapestry of life that has now come to it’s conclusion but this leaves me with the next chapter starting and that is a blank canvas…apart from having to build the large outdoor wooden dining set the Wife has bought, there’s the rest of my day planned already!

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