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My fiscal flurry of activity on the 110 continued this evening when I found myself at a bit of a loose end around 7pm. It was too late to get stuck into anything big and the smaller jobs seem a little thin on the ground, so armed with the usual cup of builders strength tea I walked to the 110’s current resting spot on the driveway.

You see there was one job I have kept meaning to do but not getting around to for one reason or another and that is removing the four rear two seater bench seats that have sat in the land rover probably since it left the factory. I did start with the traditional method of a socket and screwdriver but it soon became apparent that this was not going to be anywhere near good enough to remove the decades old fixings.
I am way past fighting these issues now a days I just went and dug out the grinder making very short work of the nuts and bolts.
Within minutes the seats were free from their restraints and donkeys years of dust dog hair and grime were brought back out into the light of day.

I know exactly what I will be doing tomorrow and that is sweeping out then cleaning up the rear end of my old motor leaving me a blank canvas to finally get stuck into making it just mine.
Oh and if anyone would like a black rear two seater bench or four just drop me a line, I have a few spare ones kicking around in the way…

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