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Well my healing process is coming along nicely now with more movement less pain and the freedom to look towards getting stuck into the 110 once again.
I finally got around to finishing changing the discs along with the pads on the nearside of the 110, turned it around so I could begin on the nearside only to find that the bolts that hold the brake caliper in place had literally rusted themselves round giving me no purchase to get any sort of socket onto it while still fitted to the hub.

This was more than a touch frustrating as I soon realised that I do not have a brake hose clam in my array of ever growing tools nor did I have anything that I could fashion to do the job. With a bit of sadness in my heart I put the front wheel back on then shortly after heading to the internet to buy one.
The 110 is now parked up once again on the driveway looking all forlorn and lonely desperate for me to spend some time and money on it. Sounds a bit like the Wife as well that…

One of the pleasures of buying a new house is that you get to spend most of your money on it instead of your toys and it has indeed been a tough month. The odd extra bill here and there has seen the coffers a bit low so even though the list of parts for the 110 seems to grow I don’t seem to be buying much of anything off of it. Not to worry all good things come to those that wait but I am looking forward to finally having this old motor back on the road once again.

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