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Still not much doing this week I am afraid folks. After another torture session with the physio closely followed by another follow up session with the Docs the next morning I have been hurting a fair bit on the neck and back front so sulkily have not wanted to even move around a great deal. It still astounds me that I managed to hurt myself this much in the bike accident and the amount of time I am taking to heal is disconcerting to say the least because it may just turn out that I am mortal after all and not some sort of super hero!

Not to moan though I am still here kicking and each and every day is a bonus!
We are off as a family today to my Uncles “Kicking the Bucket” party yes you read that right his kicking the bucket party. He was diagnosed a few months ago with terminal cancer but his response to this was not to fall into a constant deep despair (I am sure he has his moments in private) but to embrace all that life has to offer while he still has the time and energy to do so.
I would like to say that he is a fighter but that would be the wrong description in his case, no he is better clarified as a “Liver”. Not as in the type you eat but as in the realistic acceptance of the cards life has dealt you then weighing up the options you have left and seizing every moment filling them to the max with life love and experiences for himself and memories for those he leaves behind when his time comes to pass.

So one of his big wants before he leaves this mortal coil was to have kicking the bucket party. (And a Maserati…he bought himself a Maserati…as you do.) His reasoning for this was simple, everyone would get together at his funeral to have a few beers share in the laughter and memories and quite frankly he wanted to be a part of that so he told us all we should do it while he was still here so he could join in the celebration of life that comes with these things. Why not eh! I personally think this is a great idea if you know that your time is short you get to actually say goodbye to family and friends that you may not normally get the chance to see before the final curtains close.
Today is the day for that party and it will be good to see a few faces that not have been around for many years.

Even in darkness there can be light, within the worst of storms there is always some calm, even within great pain pleasure can be found.

Uncle Dale you sir are an inspiration to us all of bravery in the face of adversity.
But you still made my head wonky when you dropped me on it from a great height when I was a baby and the years upon years of ridicule from Dad over it really cannot be forgiven 😉

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