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There should of been lots of work done to the 110 today but the sun was shining and our first course of action was to shoot off and buy lots of plants so that our back garden can look something like normal. As soon as that was done our good friends turned up so with good company came along good food as well as good conversation.
This then some how led to a couple of beers sat on a garden wall with our neighbours in the blazing sunshine…I love living around here!

With all of this shirking off it somehow came to my mind that I had not mentioned the fact that there was a shiny new engine crane sat in my garage waiting to be used to fit in the 200tdi on the 110. Yes it was an extravagance no it will not be used that often but yes yes it will last me a lifetime helping out with gearboxes as well as engines.

After a couple of summer afternoon hours sat around forcing a couple of cold ones down my neck in good company then yet another smashing meal of roast chicken cooked over eight hours in the crock pot, our friends bid us farewell and my attention turned to the front of the 110 and the wheel that I removed on Friday evening to then walk past for the last two days doing nothing with it.

Now having had a couple of beers along with a belly full of food I have to admit that I did not really feel like doing anything at all to the Land Rover but the sun was still high in the sky so I decided that at the very least I should strip down the whole brake assembly to the stub axle.
Now this should of been a quick job but of course everything was rusted solid so it took a little longer than expected but with a little gentle persuasion with a breaker bar and a lump hammer it was all soon in good order.

The grease poured out of the bearings in liquid form so I think it may have been some time since this was last done! I have soaked the bolts that hold the disc onto the hub so hopefully they will come off in short order when I get the chance one evening this week to carry on.

My intentions were to get the front brakes finished today but life is for living and the 110 has waited this long to get back onto the road so a few more hours will make no difference to it at all eh…

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