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Well the Discovery is hopefully MOT ready and finished for now thankfully so this evening my attention turned once more to the 110.
I may have been neglecting the poor bugger over the last couple of months with other things getting in the way such as bike accidents and lots and lots of welding but I have been picking up the odd part for it as we have been trundling along.

The main bit was of course the 200tdi engine that had come out of a Discovery so I had to then start hunting around for the correct exhaust adaptor to make it fit into the 110. These it seems are more than a little pricey for a half decent make so I grabbed a bargain hardly used second hand one for the princely sum of £55 delivered so that’s a nice big tick off of the wanted list…

I fired up the old boy which he did without complaint after weeks of standing making me wonder once again if changing this indestructible lump is a good idea but I will be keeping it anyway so if the 200tdi is a bit of a lemon there’s a back up waiting in the wings. My car port once again, much to the Wifes delight, is now under the car port awaiting some tlc on the front brakes tomorrow along with identifying what else is going to be needing doing.

Looks good under there but the motorbike is making threats of coming home next week so best keep the 110 mobile for now so I can get the bike in and out of the garage…if I can actually get over my sudden fear of riding it of course.

After a quick poke around under the 110 whilst changing the rear wheel I noticed there is some rot on the tub where one of the out riggers attaches to it and I wondered if any of you good folks know whether or not me just popping a patch in there without welding the ally up is ok or not? If not I am going to have an issue seeing as I cannot weld ally…

Still no point in worrying, if I need to change the rear tub so be it because this 110 of mine is going to be the mutts when it is finished…

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