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I make up a plate weld it into place, find another hole then start the process all over again. Seriously I have no idea how on Gods green earth this old Discovery of mine has managed to stay in one piece for the time I have owned it!
I remember checking it out when I bought it noting that it was a bit crusty in the usual areas and that there was some seriously bad welding on the chassis but it definitely was not as bad as is it now. Do you recall the picture of the nice inner wing panel I had fabricated on the last post? Well I put it up into place and was using my body hammer to shape it for a tight fit when the hammer slipped a bit to the left and promptly went through the rest of the inner wing…time for another panel to be made up then.

Honestly yesterday when I got home from work I took one look at it sitting lopsided on an axle stand under the car port and thought “Bugger that I am having an evening off of it”. And what a relaxing Land Rover free evening I did have! I kicked back pottering with several other of the chores off of my ever increasing list and it made for a really pleasant change. But the rusty nail needs to be sorted out as I will not have the hire car for ever so this evening when I got home to find no one in soon recalling that Wifey had told me they would be back a little later tonight I decided to suck it up and have a stab at finishing up the off side front inner wheel arch.
After a visit yesterday afternoon to the sadistic short physio I am more than a little tender today all down my right hand side (who ever said that physio is a good thing i do not know because I hurt far more afterwards than before it) so getting comfy whilst working along with not overdoing it was on the cards.

Some serious grinding off of old underseal took place then out came the welder to get the job done which promptly ran out of wire. That changed over I started welding away to then have a bit drop back down onto my inner wrist making me jump cracking my knuckles off of the wheel arch. A few deep breathes later after the red mist had subsided from my eyes I carried on welding the inner arch up struggling initially to get a decent weld to the most unrusty bits that were left but after a little perseverance I got there.

After remembering I needed to weld up the battery tray the underseal came out for a liberal dosing so to hopefully hold off any more rot at least for a little while. The end result was pretty good though and now folks there is only one corner left to do and the old Disco should be good to party on for another winter…

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