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It has been a busy day to say the least. Fathers Day arrived once again along with lots of cards, chocolate and a new motorbike helmet to replace the one that got damaged in the crash.
Back to the chocolates though and lets have a quick chat about Maltesers along with the fact they seem to think that a small packet of them are excuse enough to share I mean check out the picture…

“More to share” please..more like “More for me!”

Yes I am a greedy bugger but I do like a malteser or hundred!
After popping those into the fridge to chill down a bit so I could make myself feel sick with them later on we popped out for a stroll around a car boot looking at nothing in particular but rather getting the old body back working and up to a better fitness level from my month off of enforced rest.

We were home soon enough and the old work togs were soon put back on then my focus once more turned toward the Discovery.
Last night I had managed to get one disc and it’s pads changed over so I had to get the other done to make the car drive-able again.
I don’t know who had last had tightened the wheel nuts up or the brake caliper bolts along with every other nut and bolt I had to touch but they must have used a six foot long breaker bar!

The old discs were definitely warped but they were soon off of the hub without me managing to wreck the brake pipes in the process. Now I had to separate the disc from the hub and by far the easiest way to do this is to pop the whole thing back into the wheel and stick a couple of the wheel nuts back on. This way you can then use the weight of the wheel to stop it all turning around because you will without fail need to use a breaker bar to get the bolts out that hold the pair of them together.

Shiny disc on and I was fitting it all back together onto the hub. A little bit of internal swearing saw the new pads fitted and it all back into place.

I jumped into the driving seat heading off for a drive for a few miles to bed in the new pads and discs enjoying the sheer luxury of not fighting a horrific steering wheel wobble every time I wanted to slow down.
There was an emergency stop or two on quieter side roads when in the all clear leaving me happier with the old Disco than I have been in quite a long time.

I knew that now the back end was welded up and the brakes sorted that there was less to do know than had been done but the eternal tin worm was in the front wheel arches so when I got home I backed the poor old boy back under the car port removing the battery again ready for some more welding up.

To be honest I didn’t feel like doing what I had already been done today let alone getting stuck into a welding session so I settled for a quick brew to consider my options. I decided that nope I would not be welding at all today but I could start the prep on the drivers side so one evening later in the week I could just weld the bugger up in one go.

Of course whenever you start poking a Land Rover seeing if there any holes you will always without fail wish you had not started! Trust me here there is no point in gentle probing here just get stuck in knock all of the rust out and deal with what you have left!

As I looked at the half a dozen rather large holes I had created the idea of lots of patches seemed a bit daft as I would probably be back under it soon enough patching the patches so after a bit of hunting around the sheds I found my larger bits of metal then fabricated up a new front section for the whole wheel arch.

I didn’t get around to doing much with it though and I did not get to cleaning back the old metal to get a good weld because quite frankly I had had enough for one day. The tools got packed up I headed off for a hot shower and am now sitting here with my feet up drinking a hot cup of tea…

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