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I have not written a great deal this week at all as I have been taking advantage of the lighter nights to get stuck into getting the Discovery sorted before the dreaded MOT in August.
Yo do have to love the summer heading in though, after a few hours of pottering around trying to get bits sorted a mate will pop around to say hello and you sit back relaxing chatting whilst forcing yourselves to drink a beer or two in the late evening light.

That has been my week if I am honest and I love it. There has been cutting of metal then the smell of weld in the air as I managed to get the boot floor and rear wheel arches back into a solid metal state all under the protection of my little car port that has kept the rain storms that have been rolling through at bay…God I really love living in this house!

I had literally just finished welding up the rear at lunchtime when Wifey came out to inform me that our eldest daughter had had an off on her little moped on the way to work. Of course the first thing I asked was “Is she alright” to which I was informed that yes no problems there but the bike was a bit worse for wear.
“Here we go again” I thought to myself before the next line came out of
“Will you pick it up and have a look at it”
“Nope I told her to get breakdown cover…oh who am I kidding here yes where is it?”

So I grabbed a mate and we hooked up my little 5f oot by 3 foot trailer along with lots of rope and headed off to collect it. After suitably ramming it into the little trailer and applying copious amounts of rope (I am so glad I had to rope and sheet loads on trucks when I first started driving them as there it literally nothing now that fazes me when I need to secure it) we headed back home with it to check out the damage.

Turns out that it was not too bad in the end and an hours pottering about with it fabricating the odd bit for the throttle linkage saw it right and roadworthy once more.
Kids…gotta love eh. They scare you to death then you fix their cock ups…I am a Dad though and this is my job.

With that sorted and one happy daughter on her way over to collect it (no I was not going to deliver the bugger back there again as well although her Mum did pick her up to come over which gave us a chance for a good catch up) I turned my sights towards the Disco once more as I had visited Paddocks this morning and collected new discs and pads for the old thing.
To say I am a practised hand at stripping down wheel hubs now would be an understatement so I had the whole lot stripped off on one side and rebuilt in short order. There is indeed something extremely satisfying about fitting shiny new bits to my motors, it makes me feel all sort of nice inside. I suppose women feel that way about new clothes but bugger that leave me covered in oil and grease with shiny new parts fitted any day 🙂

By the time that one side was fitted the achy side of my body decided enough was enough so I called it a day.
One to note for the books though was that I took my daughters little 125cc out for a reasonable run to make sure all was well with it. Getting back onto a bike even a little one was becoming more than rather a large issue in my head so I did my usual stubborn approach to it of getting kitted up and doing what exactly what I most fear. Things should be just fine…yes it was only a 125 but within a matter of feet I was smiling like an idiot, taking my time don’t get me wrong, but enjoying the ride no end.
I don’t think riding my bike when I get it back will be that much of a problem after all…

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