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Did you all enjoy the summer?
Yes I know it is only June but that week that we have just had was probably about it for your sunshine fix this year so dig out those jumpers and mittens because the rain has fallen for a few days now with no letting up!
It turns out the rumours were true about the weather up here in sunny Selston, when it rains it does like to rain and I can see why we have a couple of steps up into our home!
Still can’t complain it has to rain sometime eh!

It was the Nottingham Land Rover Club’s Committee meeting last week and I cannot for the life of recall if I mentioned that I joined up onto the committee a fair few months back. Due to work I did bugger all for the first few months but was ready to get back into the game giving a bit back to the club and it’s members. With teh move etc we have not had a chance to go off roading at all or even to a meet so I really needed to get my head back into the game with it all.
So I set to getting to the meeting on time and the conversation was flowing throughout the meeting until it got to the subject of the old nottslrc website and the fact it was badly out of date.
You see it transpired that they needed someone to have a go at improving it dragging kicking and screaming into the modern day world and this is when the group got decidedly quiet. I have to admit I was writing something down at the time (doodling) so my face was planted firmly in the downward position when I realised all conversation had stopped.

You know that feeling from your nightmares when you know everyone is looking directly at you? Yep I had that. I slowly raised my face upwards and sure enough there were a group of folk looking directly at me expectantly.

“Why do I feel like this decision has already been made?” I asked.

“Well we knew you would have a stab at it seeing as you like to write all of that drivel online” Said a now ex friend with a smirk on his face.
“In fact we decided you could volunteer a while ago but you kept going to work instead of coming to the meetings” said the same friend.

“OK then it seems I don’t have a great deal of choice here!” I replied laughing wondering how the hell I was going to make a half decent job of it but in all fairness I demanded “Full rein and control of it” which meant “If I bugger it up I can always say I have used some artistic licence on it” to which it was happily agreed.
I think they would of agreed to anything as long as I took the job on!

So I have had a stab at it and it’s only in it’s first draft so pop along and have a look then let me know what you think

What can you do to the 110 in the rain then? Well I need to get the old seat bases out as they are in the way of the new seats going in and someone wants to buy them off of me which puts a few coffers back into the rebuild pot.

I was about halfway there when the heavens opened and as seeing as the Discovery is under the car port awaiting more welding I decided playing in the rain on the driveway wasn’t much fun and headed quickly for cover.

What to do then? Well the 110’s wheels were all over the place in the garage and there was no way I wanted to try and hump those around yet (still hurting and not going to push too hard) but I could get the silver spray out that my daughter picked up for them and have a quick blow over I thought.
It didn’t take too long if I am honest and they do look well for it!

That done though my body told me enough was enough so I called it a day. I am looking forward to getting a bit more welding sorted on the Disco later in the week though then tackling replacing the front disc s and pads, that I did not know were warped when changing the damned wheel bearings or it all could have been done at the same time!
Hey ho them’s the breaks!

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